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  Post Production Continuity

Post-Production Continuity Transcription is an extremely specialized form of media transcription. It is a term that spans all transcription work in the post-production stage of film and television content production. It?s known that the post production stage takes more time than the pre-production or the actual shooting itself. Likewise, the transcriptioning needs are also varied. Post Production Continuity Transcript is known by many other names like Broadcast Continuity Transcript, Delivery Transcript and Post Production Script.

A post production transcript consists of an elucidation of on-screen action. It is more like a record of the movie that includes details like who said what ,at what time what was it said and when does he stop saying it. All this is transcribed verbatim with respect to the part of the unit. The reason it is called post production continuity transcription is that it also serves the purpose of helping in keeping a record of all events on screen so that there are no continuity problems in the form of inconsistencies between scenes. Not that, such a post production transcript is different from the original screenplay envisaged and created. The directors begin with a bound script complete with the dialogs, but while shooting of the movie, the directors tend to change the dialogs or the actors may speak differently to improvise on the dialogs.

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Documentary Intereview

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post production continuity

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Reality footage

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  Time Stamping/Coding

Time Stamping is a critical requirement in Television program based transcription needs. According to the customer specification, we satisfy different time stamping standards.

* Frequency of time coding,

* Audio time code style,

* Subjective time stamping etc


B-Roll is an extra footage that can be used to illustrate the main story-line. Example: If a person is talking about a new school, the B-roll will include video of the new school. Most of the Television documentary and reality shows require transcription of the extra footage with simple narration. This will give good reading experience to the story readers.

Scenarios of Reality Footage You have footage of a chef preparing a dish in a very busy kitchen studio. He is conversing with the staff, preparing dishes, talking to his personnel, etc. You are shooting a reality TV show and want the 'non-interview' part of the material transcribed. We are specialists in B-Roll transcription and we consistently attempt to identify each person speaking and transcribe brief descriptions of what is happening. The descriptions are general and it gives the reader of the transcript an idea of what is happening. Note: This is not B-Roll Logging service. Irrelevant audios like the video production crew interacting about technical occurrences will not be transcribed Example: 'Lights On' 'Move that light over here.' or 'Ok, let see if we can get the air conditioner turned off.')

  How much it Costs? 10 USD to 12 Per Hour!

Price is very competitive at iSource. We charge 10 USD to 12 per hour depending on the Audio Classification category . We operate our exclusive delivery facility from India apart from our California office. Our pricing and Turn Around Time advantages are appreciated by all of our customers. Our pricing method is one of the best in the industry.

  How de we do the Audio Classification?

We classify the Audio source by following categories.

Category - A

One on One Interview/Speech Lectures/Oral History/Web Conferences

Professionally Recorded

Broadcast ready recordings

Category - B

Group Discussions, Focus Group Sessions, Telephone Recordings, Work Place Interviews, Open air Recordings, Court Depositions

Technical Subject Matter

Category - c

Multiple speakers with indiscernible voice overlapping

Constant Background noise or music