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  Business Transcription

Are you on the lookout of a quality transcription service for all your official recordings of business events and interactions?

Do you need to free your precious workforce from the drudgery of back office work, but not at the heavy price some services ask for?

Are you concerned about quality of transcripts for recordings that are of poor quality or for recordings of events like conference calls that are prone to errors?

Then, you have indeed arrived at the right place. We are a general transcription company that:

Has considerable experience in the domain of Business Transcription.

Outsources its transcription work, which enables us to provide our services at rock bottom prices.

Offers transcription services so diverse that there is hardly any type of transcriptioning that we haven’t handled, under business transcription.

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Business Transcription Services We Offer:

Conferences Interviews
Focus Groups Group Discussions
Seminars Brainstorming sessions
Press Conferences Earnings Call Transcription
Training Seminars Board Meetings
Insurance Claims Processing Market Research Surveys
Annual Meetings Sales Meetings
Symposiums Speeches
Oral Histories Investigations
Sales Meetings And many more…

What is Business Transcription?

Business Transcription comprises of the transcription of recorded meetings, focus groups, interviews, group discussions, seminars, conferences etc. and various other kinds of information exchanges in the business world. It is a specialized kind of transcription and needs the involvement of a trained transcriptionist for its completion. Secondly, there are many sub-types within business transcription. The transcription companies taking up business transcription projects are those which have the requisite infrastructure and expertise to handle these myriad transcriptioning types. All these transcriptions were earlier carried out in-house by companies. Later, when the volume and the complexity of the transcription work began to increase, companies began to seek external help to get their transcription done. Even this outbound work did not move beyond the neighborhood of the company, to enable ease in transferring of recordings and the relevant transcripts. Now-a-days, business transcriptioning is mostly outsourced, which has proved to be a watershed event for the whole of business transcription industry.
Our Unbeatable Experience

As far as business transcription is concerned, we have “been there” and “done that”. The entire range of transcriptioning types within business transcription has already been handled by our transcriptionists and there is possibly no unique work we get to do these days, as far as business transcription is concerned. Whether it is the transcriptionally complex conference calls, the accuracy-sensitive one on one interviews or the multi-participant transcriptioning of focus groups, we have experience in all kinds of transcription work and hence are your best bet when it comes to business transcription requirements.

Our USP:

We believe that each client should get something more than what he would normally get from other transcription companies. Hence, we provide some value added benefits along with other freebies with our package of transcription services. These include:

We do not get fussy over audio recording formats. All your recordings, whether they are in digital format like mp3, wav etc. or non-digital format like magnetic tapes etc. will be accepted for transcription purposes. (Click Here For Associated Procedure)

You can make your payments through any of the major credit cards. We also accept payments through Pay Pal. (Click Here for Payment Modes)

If you want to get your transcripts time-stamped, then we will get that done for you, ABSOLUTELY FREE! (Click Here for Details)

For clients without expertise or infrastructure to record their events, we provide for free call recording service.
Call us @ 714-783-7922.

We also provide for toll-free phone dictation service.
Call us @ 714-783-7922.

Your transcripts will be available in our online archival for 12 months after the return of the transcripts.

You can have a dedicated team to work on your transcription project.

Your formatting requirements will be fully incorporated in the final transcript.

Our staff is available 24/7 at your disposal for any kind of enquiry or instant tabs you need to keep, on work in progress.

We offer a heavy discount of 10% to 15% for clients with a good track record of volume and consistency.

Our Background:

We are a general transcription company, with a fairly long legacy in providing quality transcription services. From being a diminutive company taking baby steps as a medical transcription company, today we have become an outsourced transcription behemoth, one of the largest transcription companies in the US, providing transcription services in diverse areas like medical, media, business, technical, legal and podcast transcription to clients (Click Here for Client List) around the world.

Our formidable experience, well-established infrastructure and extensive expertise in business transcription are valuable advantages to be leveraged for companies that are serious about growth. Most of our transcriptionists are loaded with experience in business transcriptioning. At the same time, we have given priority to infusing youth in our workforce by recruiting fresh blood into our organization.

Quality of Services:

Nothing matters to us more than the quality of our transcription service. You may
have come across services that go easy on quality to compensate for the low price they charge. Others may be ignoring data security concerns as being insignificant in the scheme of things. When we got into this business, our prime motive was to create a service that will be the final destination for all your transcription needs. No wonder we have survived all bubbles and are one of the few names that companies trust to provide quality transcription service when they need it.

All our transcripts are bonded together by the common links of four quality factors they have to meet and by which we judge them. These factors are:

(1)Accuracy: The recruitment of experienced transcriptionists, getting them trained to make them battle hardened in dealing with upcoming projects, creating systems to eliminate errors completely by means of checking and rechecking etc. are all efforts we have undertaken to stretch quality standards to extreme limits.

The best among companies in need of business transcription are a part of our clientele, thanks to our obsession with accuracy of transcription.

(2)Cost: We outsource our transcriptioning work to India. This translates into a huge reduction in our operating costs, which is in turn passed on to our clients. This cost advantage has proved to be the shot in the arm for the bottom lines of many of our clients. In fact, you can save up to 80% of your transcription costs(Click here for instant price estimate), as one of our clients really did.(click here for details)

(4)Speed: We understand the client’s need for timely transcripts. We see to it that our transcripts are delivered before time. We also have two types of turnaround time services for our clients based on their specific needs:

Standard TAT: Transcript delivery between 24 to 48 hours from the time of submission of recordings, normal charges apply.

Rush TAT: Transcript delivery between 12 to 24 hours from the time of submission of recordings, nominally higher charges apply.

(4)Data Security: We value the safety of your data and so we have implemented tough data security measures within our transcription process. Your data shall be safe from all data theft attempts as the security mechanism is a derivative of the guidelines of HL7 EHR Security and Privacy Issues and JCAHO.

Our Clientele:

Our clients are our best advertisers. They have stuck with us only because they have finally come home to a service that is the solution for all their transcriptioning needs. Some of these companies are leaders in their own domains of operation. (Click Here for Client List)

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   Medical transcription service

How do we get the Physician dictations sent to us?

Digital Recorders

Upon singing for our medical transcription services, we provide Olympus Digital Dictations machines to our customers. We also work with various familiar dictation machines held and used by customers. Recorded dictations are then sent to us using our online browser based facility. It is user friendly and boundary less, you can just use Internet explorer, no other software to install and mange.

Toll Free Dictation

Scenarios of Reality Footage You have footage of a chef preparing a dish in a very busy kitchen studio. He is conversing with the staff, preparing dishes, talking to his personnel, etc. You are shooting a reality TV show and want the 'non-interview' part of the material transcribed. We are specialists in B-Roll transcription and we consistently attempt to identify each person speaking and transcribe brief descriptions of what is happening. The descriptions are general and it gives the reader of the transcript an idea of what is happening. Note: This is not B-Roll Logging service. Irrelevant audios like the video production crew interacting about technical occurrences will not be transcribed Example: 'Lights On' 'Move that light over here.' or 'Ok, let see if we can get the air conditioner turned off.')

  Medical Transcription Services Bulk Discounts:

Our medical transcription services offer significant cost savings up to 10 to 15% for bulk work. Customers with good volume and consistency can avail this offer. For example, more than 200 patient reports per day and at least 4 days a week.

Online Archival

Our HIPAA compliant and secured online medical transcriptions services facility lets you to access Transcripts anytime anywhere. Transcripts are made available for 12 months in our Archival systems. This facility comes with convenient search options to retrieve patient reports you are looking for. Our organization is an active participant in HL7 EHR Security and Privacy Issues.

8 to 12 cents per 65C line

Medical transcription services price is very competitive at Transcription Star. We charge 8.5 to 10 cents per 65 character lines including space. Price variations are subject to Practice, Volume and consistency. We operate our exclusive delivery facility from India apart from our California office. Our pricing and Turn Around Time advantages are appreciated by all of our customers. Our pricing method is one of the best in the industry. We don't charge for Macros used in dictations subject to 15% of the total transcription volume.

  Billing Rate and Verification for medical transcription services

iSource medical transcription services billing policy is transparent and there is no hidden element in it. It is possible, if you get five different quotations from various vendors for medical transcription services, you would need a team of accountants to review the numerous variables to compare bottom line cost or savings.

As 30 odd of our customers enjoy our medical transcription service competitive rates, quality and impressive TAT (Turn Around Time), we welcome you to submit your interest by giving us the below details. Our response time for your medical transcription needs are instant and You will receive our medical transcription price quote immediately email followed with Phone call on request. You may also speak to a member of sales staff now, call us at Fill out the medical transcription services form below and click 'Submit'. You will receive our price for medical transcription service by e-mail or phone from a member of our sales staff. If you would rather speak to a member of our sales staff now, call us at 412-357-1389.

  Medical transcription services cost stimation

We charge 10 USD to 12 USD per hour depending on the category of Audio. Our medical transcription services rates are calculated according to the effort involved for each category.