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AR Caller

I joined iSource as Sr. AR caller in the billing department six months back. We work as one family. The business process is so fluid, the roles and responsibilities are clearly defined which enables us to complete our work smoothly. The infrastructure is good, work stations are comfortable and we have excellent dining facilities. Team outing, get together and recognition makes work enriching. We are always encouraged when we achieve milestones.

George Ray
AR Caller

The management is impartial, approachable; helpful, lends ears and there is a Lot of transparency in the operations. We get to learn a lot about the domain compared to any other organization. There is a lot of exposure to our clients and we are able to demonstrate our strengths and professionalism thereby satisfy our clients.

S. Devaki
Process Executive

At iSource .My work is focussed on monitoring productivity of medical transcriptionist, delivery of files to client on timely basis and I have to coordinate with my production manager for allotting work to vendor. It is important that I coordinate, follow up and maintain the time schedule. The work environment is very supportive, we are corrected and mentored rightly.I feel happy working here at the end of the day

Team Lead

I am working for the last 5 years in General Transcription practice. When I joined iSource I was provided with three months of intensive training in production process and soft skill training to interact with the clients and vendors. The reason why I like iSource is because of their continued faith and confidence in my abilities. I am happy to make a positive impact and deliver quality output on a consistent basis. Today I interact with clients and vendors in US, Philippines, Canada and Kenya.

IT Consultant

I have done my MCA and. I always had the dream of working in IT department. It was Mr. Shivakumar who gave me this opportunity. Today I head their application development and I thank him for showing confidence and faith in me. There is a lot of stress on teamwork and everyone is open for giving and receiving ideas. The most important aspect is due credit for your ideas and work is given..

IT Consultant

I joined iSource as trainee in 2011. I have developed web based application, modules in websites and mobile applications. Today I am a software developer which I feel happened only because of iSource. We have developed a lot of internal applications for process improvement and would like to work on developing external applications for customers which will not only be challenging but would also help in creating a competitive advantage for the company.

IT Consultant

I joined iSource in November 2011, Today we have developed web based applications, applications in android and IOS. We were all given the opportunity to learn and migrate to different platforms. I feel getting an opportunity such as this is unique, we are encouraged to learn new technologies. The trust and belief our management have on us is amazing.

Web Consultant

iSource is my first job I came in as a fresher and started my work in Photoshop. My initial aim was to get at least a single appreciation mail from my superiors and I used to work tirelessly for the same. I am encouraged a lot by my seniors to learn and deliver and I have designed around 7 websites. Work has always been enriching.

Support Executive

I feel happy working here because of exposure and the freedom I receive in iSource. We have been making continuous improvements and summit of all that have been itranscript. The application takes care of our complete process and has enabled us to provide an end to end solution to our customers. The company has adopted the philosophy of No Limits and we have been provided with continuous growth opportunities

Team Lead

I joined iSource in May 2014 and started working as a content writer, moved to content curation & content marketing. Now iam working on social media for engaging with influencers and brand development In such a short span of time I feel no one would get so much opportunity to perform varied roles and I thank iSource for it. There is freedom to present ideas and guidance in implementing ideas & strategies. The work environment is great as you always get support from everyone around you.

Process Associate

The core of work culture in iSource is speed and quality. As a part of E delivery team I have to post 140 patient reports in day. I have not only achieved the required target but many times I have exceeded the same. I am also happy to say I have achieved almost zero error patient report posting in the last three years.

Medical Coder

At iSource the work culture is all about tuning to the needs of the customer. Few months back our turnaround time for billing and posting was revised to 24 hours. We realized the coding work will has to completed within nine hours to enable the billing and posting team to complete their work within the stipulated 24 hours. We first changed our shift timing and came in at early morning 07.00 a.m and changed the process from coders taking up work from the general work pool.

Process Associate

I joined six months back. I have learnt a lot and enjoyed working here. The work culture at iSource has made me more responsible and committed at work. I get a lot of support from my team leads, manager and senior managers which enables me to perform at work. I feel there is more communication between various people and there is always a helping hand whenever we require.

Team Lead

My work is consumed by replying to client emails, taking client calls, meetings, allocating work, training and guiding my team members. Since I have multiple clients I prioritize according to the schedules and needs of the clients. It has been a really a satisfying journey in iSource for me.

Team Lead

I am fascinated by the world of medical coding as it is like solving a big maths problem. I feel success is all about planning and implementing the work. We have multiple clients. we have to meet their expectations. The clients expect us to use the exact codes as wrong codes can result in under payments. As a team leader I feel the essence of successful practice is allocating work, achieving the daily target and delivering the same with speed and quality.


I have a personal interest towards medical sciences and that is why I chose the field of medical transcription. Every day the job is challenging because you need to get quality work done by medical transcriptionist on a daily basis. It involves training and motivating them constantly. If we deliver quality work the clients will be happy which in turn satisfies you and you get more work. It is a pleasant work environment as the expectations has been set and if one completes the work one can go home satisfied..



"Needless to say, you guys rock! I have been struggling to implement the right technological tools like PMS, EMR, business intelligence, etc. which best suit my medical practice. You have made us improve productivity and profitability in a short span. "

KATHY Journalist