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  Case Study & Testimonials

The following is a list of case studies that will give you an insight into the various transcription demands placed upon us and the solutions that we came up with:

Case 1: for FORA TV
Requirement: Quality verbatim transcription of recorded forum discussions.
FORA TV is a major online video content provider, that webcasts discussions and debates from the world’s leading public forums. They provide time-coded transcripts of the video recordings that they post on the web as a value-added service. For this, they were on the look out of a transcription company that delivers transcripts that are near-to-perfect verbatim and cost-effective as well.

The guys at FORA TV went through a lot before settling for our services. Their first attempt at outsourced transcription services led to unacceptably poor quality of transcripts. They moved to CastingWords, a service that uses free-lance transcriptionists for its transcription. This attempt also leads to poor transcription quality. In desperation, they tried to do all their transcriptioning using in-house staff. This worked for the short-term, but the production rate was not consistent. Finally, they approached us for the transcription work.

Our solution: Use of transcriptionists specialized in media transcription.
We heard them out and came to the conclusion that their project needed the services of specialized transcriptionists. Usually, general transcription companies employ the services of medical transcriptionists for all their non-medical assignments like media content transcription. Their inexperience translates into erroneous transcripts.

We submitted this assignment to a group of transcriptionists with adequate experience in media transcription projects.

The Result: The client is satisfied with our transcripts. Our association with them continues till date.

“Your service has resolved our transcription crisis and I hope to continue working with your team, as well as ramp up the number of MP3 we send for transcription each day. We at FORA TV really do appreciate the work that your company produces for us. Your staff is friendly and punctual - the customer service is great. Thank you for the fantastic work and we look forward to continuously developing our relationship.”

Trevar Mazza
Director Video Productions

Case 2: for Mostly Magic Productions
Requirement: Cost-effective transcription services.
Mostly Magic is a well-known full-service production company and marketing agency. They carry out marketing campaigns through various media like television, print, radio, documentaries or internet for products and services, as well as suggest names and brand-building strategies.

They are in need of transcripts of the documentaries they produce for post-production editing. Without the transcripts, the editing process becomes tedious and time-consuming as one has to constantly keep notes regarding the various parts of the footage. The company was using the services of a transcription company called However, they were charging high rates for their services.

Our solution: We are a company that provides outsourced transcription services. This helps us keep our operation costs to the bare minimum. Consequently, our clients are also provided services at extremely low costs compared to other transcription companies. Mostly Magic Productions signed up for our services, with doubts about the quality of our transcripts, given the rock bottom prices we charge.

The result: Mostly Magic Productions paid only a fifth of what they used to pay to their previous transcription service provider. The quality of transcription was also pretty impressive, as per their accounts. We went on to transcribe for many of their transcription projects.

Testimonials: “They (the previous transcription service provider) can charge four or
five times what you charge... That can be quite significant for a
big studio or production company…(Since) everyone is able to upload things as I
did in order to outsource this kind of work, so there's no reason you
shouldn't be able to compete(against the biggies) with this kind of company.”

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   Medical transcription service

How do we get the Physician dictations sent to us?

Digital Recorders

Upon singing for our medical transcription services, we provide Olympus Digital Dictations machines to our customers. We also work with various familiar dictation machines held and used by customers. Recorded dictations are then sent to us using our online browser based facility. It is user friendly and boundary less, you can just use Internet explorer, no other software to install and mange.

Toll Free Dictation

Scenarios of Reality Footage You have footage of a chef preparing a dish in a very busy kitchen studio. He is conversing with the staff, preparing dishes, talking to his personnel, etc. You are shooting a reality TV show and want the 'non-interview' part of the material transcribed. We are specialists in B-Roll transcription and we consistently attempt to identify each person speaking and transcribe brief descriptions of what is happening. The descriptions are general and it gives the reader of the transcript an idea of what is happening. Note: This is not B-Roll Logging service. Irrelevant audios like the video production crew interacting about technical occurrences will not be transcribed Example: 'Lights On' 'Move that light over here.' or 'Ok, let see if we can get the air conditioner turned off.')

  Medical Transcription Services Bulk Discounts:

Our medical transcription services offer significant cost savings up to 10 to 15% for bulk work. Customers with good volume and consistency can avail this offer. For example, more than 200 patient reports per day and at least 4 days a week.

Online Archival

Our HIPAA compliant and secured online medical transcriptions services facility lets you to access Transcripts anytime anywhere. Transcripts are made available for 12 months in our Archival systems. This facility comes with convenient search options to retrieve patient reports you are looking for. Our organization is an active participant in HL7 EHR Security and Privacy Issues.

8 to 12 cents per 65C line

Medical transcription services price is very competitive at Transcription Star. We charge 8.5 to 10 cents per 65 character lines including space. Price variations are subject to Practice, Volume and consistency. We operate our exclusive delivery facility from India apart from our California office. Our pricing and Turn Around Time advantages are appreciated by all of our customers. Our pricing method is one of the best in the industry. We don't charge for Macros used in dictations subject to 15% of the total transcription volume.

  Billing Rate and Verification for medical transcription services

iSource medical transcription services billing policy is transparent and there is no hidden element in it. It is possible, if you get five different quotations from various vendors for medical transcription services, you would need a team of accountants to review the numerous variables to compare bottom line cost or savings.

As 30 odd of our customers enjoy our medical transcription service competitive rates, quality and impressive TAT (Turn Around Time), we welcome you to submit your interest by giving us the below details. Our response time for your medical transcription needs are instant and You will receive our medical transcription price quote immediately email followed with Phone call on request. You may also speak to a member of sales staff now, call us at Fill out the medical transcription services form below and click 'Submit'. You will receive our price for medical transcription service by e-mail or phone from a member of our sales staff. If you would rather speak to a member of our sales staff now, call us at 412-357-1389.

  Medical transcription services cost stimation

We charge 10 USD to 12 USD per hour depending on the category of Audio. Our medical transcription services rates are calculated according to the effort involved for each category.